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The ID.4

Our very first all-electric SUV is here, and it feels good. Order yours today at Fredericton VW!

The ID. Buzz

This electric vehicle brings Volkswagen’s iconic bus into the new era. Arriving in Canada in 2024.

Home Charging Solutions

At Fredericton Volkswagen, our EV knowledge doesn’t end with our vehicles. We also provide customers with expert advice on home charging solutions.

With our wide network of home installation companies, our EV Specialists will help you find the best home charger for your Electric VW.

Electric Vehicles Frequently Asked Questions

Good to know when you go EV

Myth: Humans only use 10% of their brain.

Reality: Volkswagen EVs go further than you may think on a 100% charge.

In fact, our latest generation of EVs can go up to 443 km on one charge*. Still, the saying “mileage may vary” rings true, so think of your load, driving conditions, and weather forecast before you hit the road.

It depends really, both on your battery size and what you charge it with. So, let’s work our way from "Come on, let’s go!" to "What’s the hurry?":

A 400V+ DC fast charger can add about 9-10 km of range every minute, with a charging session usually lasting half an hour.

A 240V charger installed at home (or at work) can fully charge a 400 km EV in about 8-10 hours, enough for you to start (or end) your day all charged up.

A 120V regular outlet can be used with the included home charger 
to fully charge a 400 km EV in just over 2 days (or a weekend at 
the cottage).

Keep in mind, you don’t need a full charge to fully enjoy your Volkswagen EV. So, charge it as you need it to keep your battery in tip-top shape.

Just like your phone, your EV gives you a heads-up when it’s low on juice then switches to energy-saving mode. When it does, just pop open the integrated Volkswagen Car-Net® system and get shown the way to the nearest public charger.

Your battery also has an inaccessible reserve of energy that helps minimizes any damage from running out of accessible energy.

If you happen to hit any snags, as an EV owner, you get Volkswagen Roadside Assistance. Just call 1-800-411-6688 and we’ll get you home, to your destination, or to the nearest public fast charging station.

So far, 11,000 of them in over 5,000 locations across the county – and that’s just a start. We’ve teamed up with Electrify Canada to install more chargers closer to you.

Find yours and learn more about Canada’s fastest-growing charging network at www.electrify-canada.ca.

There is 3 charging levels.

Level 1: Home outlet - charging Up to 5km charge an hour It’s nice to recharge at home after a long day. Same goes for your EV. Just plug in the 120v charging cable into any home outlet and let it do its thing.  Too slow? No problem because that takes us to…


Level 2: Home charging and public charging - Up to 50km charge an hour. People say they need 8 hours of sleep to feel fully charged. EVs feel the same. That’s probably why so many Canadians install a Level 2 240v home charging station in their garages. With a full EV charge in about 8 hours, it’s just plug, sleep, then get up and go. A lot of condo and office buildings have Level 2 chargers, too. Must go faster? Drum roll, please.


Level 3: Public charging - 100km of charge in about 10 minutes With 350kW of power, a Level 3 charger can give your EV more range faster than it might take to run a quick errand or wait for your food to arrive. As of right now, Level 3 chargers are mostly found in public, and our EVs are compatible with all of them.

As a Volkswagen EV Owner, you get up to 4 years of unlimited charging with Electrify Canada, the largest growing network of public Level 3 chargers in the country.**