Financing at Fredericton Volkswagen

Our financing structure is unique at Fredericton Volkswagen, as we have no dedicated finance department! Instead, your personal client advisor who helped you choose your vehicle will help you structure the right purchase plan for you as well. This unique approach allows us to fully understand our customers needs and unique buying situations from top-to-bottom to see the full picture, leading to an improved experience for you! Apply for credit here with our dealership to get the ultimate tailored Volkswagen-buying experience!


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Volkswagen Protection Plus Program

Fredericton Volkswagen offers a convenient Protection Plus Program offering additional coverages and protections for your new Volkswagen, whether you choose to lease or finance! Check out our informative videos here for explanations regarding all the coverages available for you to choose, plus some insight into whether you should lease or finance your next Volkswagen!

Appearance Protection

This product is perfect for the customer who’s going to use their car or truck for everyday life and realizes that it might get a bump or bruise along the way. If you’ve ever fallen victim to a dent, broken glass, lost key, or even scratched up rims, this package will help retain your vehicle’s value long-term.





Mechanical Breakdown Protection

If you’re one to keep your car longer than the 4 year factory warranty, this product ensures that your VW is repaired by an authorized Volkswagen dealership by factory trained technicians and using new original equipment parts.





Lease Excess Wear Waiver

Leasing? Forget worrying about any excess wear and tear. Even if you’re a great owner, excess wear coverage includes worn out tires, which often are just about at the end of their life by the end of most lease terms.





Loan Protection

In the unfortunate event that you are unable to repay your loan due to injury or accident, our loan protection will cover the outstanding payable amount towards the vehicle, giving your family and estate peace-of-mind when it comes to unexpected costs.





Vehicle Loss Privilege

In the event of theft or an insurance loss from an accident, the last thing you want to worry about is the balance of any unpaid loan on your Volkswagen or a reduction in its long-term value. Keep that trade-in value high with Vehicle Loss Privilege and ensure that you won’t have to worry about any negative equity being carried forward into your next vehicle loan.





Leasing vs. Financing

Leasing and financing each have their own advantages that may be applicable to your buying situation. Check out all the reasons that you should consider both here in the video below.





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For all your financing needs, trust our expert client advisors here at Fredericton Volkswagen, who will get to know you personally and understand your buying decision fully. Our focus on customer satisfaction is a significant reason why we’re the most trusted dealership in the region, and have a long history of customers happy with their Volkswagen from us. Book your viewing appointment today and come find your next Volkswagen sedan or SUV, and start your journey today!