Making the electric switch

We totally get it. Switching to an EV may feel like a big step, and that’s okay. If you’re curious, here are some of the reasons why EVs are easier than ever to get into. (Spoiler alert: they come with plenty of perks.)

Ready to pass the pump?

Charging a Volkswagen EV can cost way less than filling up a tank. We’re talking as little as $0.025/km.

Chargers here, there and (soon) everywhere

Speaking of charging your EV, more stations are popping up all the time, with 11,000 of them (some free by the way) in over 5,000 locations across Canada. We’ve also teamed up with Electrify Canada, the country’s fast-growing charging network that’s building more charging stations, coast to coast. Find the closest one to you HERE. 

Investing in the factory floor

Building an all-electric world requires the proper production infrastructure to make that happen. That’s why we’re investing in automation in our plants in Germany (Emden and Hanover) and North America (Chattanooga) – with 2,200 new robots to help build the electric cars of the future.

Building a climate-neutral island 

We’re working with Greece to make the Mediterranean island of Astypalea completely climate-neutral, in order to model what an all-electric future could look like. The entire island will transition to electric vehicles and renewable power generation using green power sources such as solar and wind. This endeavor will help us learn more about going all-electric on a larger scale.

Investing in future technologies

Working towards an all-electric future means investing in the technology that will get us there. That’s why we’ve put over $100 billion towards future technologies; investing in electromobility, hybridization, digitization, hybrid powertrains, and more. Our investment in digitization will double by mid-decade, as we continue to work towards a more sustainable world.

The future we’re building towards

Building a better future means planning ahead. Here are some of our many goals and when we aim to complete them by.

This is our Way to Zero - We’re on the path towards building a more sustainable future. A future where sustainability is at the forefront of all our operations. A future where we’re carbon-neutral by 2050. This is our Way to Zero.


By 2025, we will have increased our production of electric vehicles – with more than 1 million EVs available per year worldwide. We’ll have more than 20 different EV models, making it easy for Canadians to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle.


By 2030, we’ll have over 70 EV models, and intend to produce 26 million fully electric vehicles. Making EVs commonplace worldwide.


By 2040, we plan to have every VW we produce be electric. Meaning we’ll have a full, all-electric fleet of vehicles. This is the electric future we want to create by being the change.


By 2050, we plan to be completely carbon-neutral in every single one of our operations. From our vehicles, to our factories, to our shipping infrastructure… everything.