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Why Buy Tires With Us?

Price Matching

We’re committed to providing you with the best deal possible on both tires and wheels. When you find a competing price on the same stock in our inventory, we’ll match the lowest price you can find, which is our way of assuring you always get a great deal. Contact our team directly for more information regarding price matching.

Have Two Sets of Wheels & Tires

It’s always optimal to have two sets of tires for your vehicle: one set for summer and bare pavement, the other set for winter and slick conditions. Having two full sets of tires can offer you valuable benefits in the long term for your Volkswagen, making an extra set a sound investment. Here are a few of the benefits of a second set:

Improved Tire Lifespan:

When you split the year between two sets of tires, you’re going to be extending the lifespan of both those sets. Driving the proper tires for their particular conditions leads to extended tread life, so be sure to have winter tires for snowy months!

Improved Safety & Performance:

Tires are meant to perform in the conditions they were designed for. That is why you’ll receive the safety level and performance you expect from your Volkswagen when you use the proper tires for conditions.

Free Seasonal Tire Storage

Tires can take up a lot of space in your home or garage. That is why our dealership offers our customers the option to securely store their tires with us. When you buy your tires through our dealership, we’ll offer complimentary free seasonal tire storage for your first season! For VW owners who already own their own, never fear—we’re also pleased to offer 25% off seasonal tire storage, for a cost of $75 per season.

Book a Service Appointment

For all your Volkswagen wheel and tire needs, trust the expert advisors here at Fredericton Volkswagen to help you outfit your Volkswagen with the right products for it to be a perfect match. Stay in command of the roads during all seasons and conditions with the proper tires. Give us a call today to book your tire appointment with us today to get started!