Warning Light System

warning lights

At Fredericton Volkswagen we are asked a lot of questions about the many different lights that our vehicles have. The important thing to understand about our warning light system is this. Volkswagen uses Green, Yellow, and Red to emphasize the importance of what you are seeing. At the intersection, a stop light with a green light means go, yellow is a cause to pay attention, and red means stop driving your vehicle.

Below is a list of all warning lights that you might see on you Volkswagen. Contact us if you have any questions related to a light or anything about your VW. Fredericton Volkswagen is here to help out and it’s our job to keep you running safely.

Symbol Warning/Indicator Light

"Warning Message", Error Description

tire pressure monitoring Tire pressure monitoring Tire pressure low or system failure 
(1x audible warning)
Shift lock Shift lock Appears when brake must be applied to shift vehicle into gear
Rain sensor malfunction Rain sensor malfunction Switch the ignition off and on again, if the light stays on, contact an authorized Volkswagen dealer or Service Facility
service power steering Yellow solid: Power steering assist reduced
Yellow flashing:  Malfunction in the electronic steering column lock
Red Solid: Power steering assist failure
Red flashing: Malfunction in the electronic steering column lock

1x audible warning

Stop the vehicle and do not continue to drive
(3x audible warning)

filter Particulate Filter (diesel engines) Filter blocked with soot
See owner’s manual
service-parking-brake Options:
• Parking brake is applied (light on)
• ABS malfunction (ABS light on, too)
• Low brake fluid
• (No warning)
• See owner’s manual
• “Stop! Brake fluid. Stop vehicle.” (Audible warning)
oil-pressure-warning Oil pressure warning Stop - no oil pressure, turn engine OFF See owner’s manual (3x audible warning)
washer-fluid Washer fluid low Fill with washer fluid
(1x audible warning)
oil level low Oil level low Check oil level
Oil sensor—bring in for service 
low-fuel  Low fuel level Please refuel 
(1x audible warning)
 License plate bulb failure  License plate bulb failure One or more license plate lights burned out

 Immobilizer Incorrect Key
Key not adapted to vehicle
 hybrid-system-malfunction Hybrid drive system malfunction
Hybrid drive system: 
Warning when leaving the vehicle

Yellow: Hybrid system malfunction. See an authorized Volkswagen dealer or Service Facility

Red: Stop the vehicle in a safe place as soon as possible

 service-hood-open  Hood open Stop! Engine hood is open or not closed properly
 service-fuel-cap-off  Fuel cap off or missing  Fuel cap off or missing
service-esp  ESP/ASR Solid: ESP/ASR inactive
Flashing: ESP/ASR event
 service-epb-malfunction  • Parking brake system/electric parking brake applied
• ABS/Brake system malfunction
• EPB malfunction
 See owner’s manual
 service-engine-malfunction Engine malfunction (On-board Diagnostics) Engine emission malfunction—bring in for service
 service-electronic-power Electronic Power Control (exhaust gas) Engine malfunction—bring in for service
 electronic-brake-warning-light Electric parking brake warning light Parking brake error
See owner’s manual
 dsg-transmission-to-hot DSG® transmission too hot Stop! Do not continue driving (Allow the transmission to cool with the gear shifter in park position)
 daytime-running-lights Daytime Running Lights  Daytime Running Lights on
 coolant-level-low Coolant level low
Coolant temperature high
Stop! Check coolant level
See owner’s manual
(3x audible warning)
 bulb-failure  Bulb failure Solid: Bulb failure
Flashing: Headlamp leveling or AFS defective 
 brake-pad-wear-indicators Brake pad wear indicators  Check brake pad 
 service-brake-light-bulb-failure Brake light bulb failure  One or more brake lights burned out 
 automatic-transmission-levels Automatic Transmission malfunction  Have the system checked immediately by a Volkswagen authorized dealer or Service Facility 
alternator-low-voltage-output Alternator low voltage output  Charging system failure 
 service-airbag Airbag  Airbag or belt tensioning system faulty, or passenger airbags deactivated 
 service-ad-blue-warning AdBlue® level warning  Refill AdBlue® tank or AdBlue® system malfunction 
 service-ad-blue-no-restart AdBlue® no restart warning  No engine restart possible
Not enough AdBlue®  or AdBlue® system malfunction 
 service-ad-blue-system-warning AdBlue® system malfunction warning  AdBlue®  system malfunction or not filled with standard AdBlue®
 service-abs Antilock Braking System (ABS) malfunction If there is an ABS malfunction, the ABS warning light comes on in combination with the brake warning light 

Some of the most important lights to be aware of when operating your vehicle are the Low Fuel light, Check Engine light, ESP light (stability control), ABS light, Particulate Filter light (for newer TDI Diesel engines), Air Bag light, or even your glow plug light (TDI). If one of these lights aluminates, what should you do?

Here are some helpful tips to determine whether your vehicle has a major or minor problem. Having spoken with clients in this situation, we understand it can be scary driving down the road when all of a sudden a warning light aluminates on the dash.

I have a warning light on. What do I do now?

If a light should come on and it’s flashing or red in color, it’s important to stop driving your vehicle as soon and as safely possible. Chances are it won’t be running very well anyway and by continuing to operate your vehicle you may harm it. If your vehicle is under VW Warranty, call Road Side Assistance at 1-800-411-6688 and they will have you towed to the nearest authorized Volkswagen repair facility.

If a warning light comes on and it’s not flashing, you should have your vehicle looked at as soon as possible. However, if your vehicle feels like it’s running normal, in most cases it's okay to continue to drive your car. The light is on for a reason, and in most cases you have a sensor that is picking up a code or signal that is outside of the normal range of operation for your vehicle. Leaving a light unchecked is potentially dangerous to the long term health of your vehicle.

In either scenario, if a light is on, it is time to schedule a service for your car. Our factory trained technicians with their specialty training and diagnostic equipment can easily check and diagnose what the cause is. Most of the time, the charge to repair these warning lights is less than you would pay at a non-Volkswagen repair facility due to the fact that it normally takes us less time to find the problem. If your Volkswagen is still under factory warranty, or if you have a Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen with an extended warranty, then most of these repairs would be covered at no charge.

What can I do to prevent a light from coming on?

We suggest that you follow the manufacturer's suggested maintenance. That will help prevent lights from coming on from worn or dirty parts. At your bigger service appointments -- the ones that fall on a 30,000 km interval -- Fredericton Volkswagen scans and checks for fault codes that may be present in your computer that didn’t illuminate a light. You can find these maintenance schedules in your owner’s manual. We also have pricing pamphlets located at the dealership available for each specific engine.

For more information, or to book your service appointment, contact us today!