Fredericton Volkswagen Drives to Victory: Ninth Consecutive Wolfsburg Crest Club Win!

In a testament to unwavering excellence, Fredericton Volkswagen has triumphed once again, clinching its ninth consecutive win at the prestigious Wolfsburg Crest Club. This remarkable achievement solidifies Fredericton VW’s position as a leader in the Volkswagen community, demonstrating a consistent commitment to exceptional sales and service standards.

The Wolfsburg Crest Club is not merely an accolade; it represents the pinnacle of achievement within the Volkswagen dealership network. Reserved for those establishments that consistently exceed expectations in both sales and service, this award is a reflection of Fredericton Volkswagen’s dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Thank you to everyone who’s been a part of our journey, whether you’ve bought a car, popped by for a tune-up, or simply supported our company. Here’s to many more miles together!